by Georg Wojnar
Translated in English by "Sunshine" 
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Part I.

Everything signalize intensively that in our Solar system is moving something huge, something, what according to our science, should not exist at all. Or, is it the other way? Does our science know everything what needs to know, but it is so tied by conventions that it could not relate and interpret properly all information it has? I do not think so. It looks more that someone is keeping something well under wraps.

Almost a year, I am collecting and publishing specific information, which are undoubtedly closely related. At the beginning it was likely intuition developed by long time collecting of bits and pieces of information. From the attack on USA, I felt on uncommon ground. Not because of emotions or politics, but I am somehow attracted to "big things" which at the first look appears to have no logic. However, the first look usually deceives, since everything is always related to everything else. 

From some time ago is almost openly discussed that cosmic space is littered with large amount of ruins of heavenly bodies. If we omit cosmic dust leading to "meteoritic showers", there are meteoroids from the size of tennis ball up to asteroids big like Texas. Lately, a deserved attention is paid to objects close to Earth or objects what may cross our orbit. These objects called NEOS (Near Earth Objects) are divided into groups based on their danger to life on Earth. Countries like Great Britain established commissions of specialists developing scenarios how to act in such cases [See BBC Online | SCI/TECH | Monday, 18 September, 2000]. There is also other interest, concentrated in the hands of one large, well known institution. To filter and suppress information to avoid global panic, if cosmic event could endanger life on Earth. 

A few days ago, I have read an interesting article of David Icke. Except a few different views, there was nothing new. However, the reading triggered new ideas. 
Some time ago, I encountered very interesting report of Dmitriev. Aware of its importance, I have spent time diligently translating the report to move it over the "language barrier" without distortion. Some time after, nothing much happened, then suddenly intuition kicked in and the puzzle began to form a picture. The picture appears as Nibiru... 

When I wrote many years ago a book titled "UFO´s, Bible and End of the World", I was fascinated what knowledge was Zacharia Sitchin able to pull from texts on Sumerian tablets. His work influenced me strongly, what knows everyone who have read any of my books. The cosmogony he introduced I accepted readily, it was the best I knew and it became the basis of my future ways of thinking. However, over time I saw some of his connections more valid than some others, and some of his thoughts I discarded completely. I went different way, as is presented in "Abyss of Return". Anyway, whatever way I was looking at it, in the back of my head was lurking fuzzy recollection of some ancient global catastrophe. The last we know about is Biblical Flood. Icke is also quoting Sitchin and for his "Planet X" scenario is using the same indications and affirmations, dressed by many shrouded hints. However, he is still missing something important. 

Few months ago I started to write thoughts about "Cosmic Serpent", first part is on the web. However, second part is giving me hard time; it feels like I am missing something important too. I feel forced to reconsider core meaning of "nibiru" and look also for relations in graphs of ELFRAD, in records of Kuiper belt bodies, in astronomy and calculations of Mayas, in tables by Dmitriev and Coterell, etc. It still does not fit; something important is still missing somewhere. It appears to me that the concept of "nibiru & crossing" is not representing just one specific cosmic body, but something like a cyclical event of bigger proportion. 

At the beginning of July, under the title "Huge New World", I presented pages about an exciting astronomical discovery known as 2001KX76. This newly discovered body, specified by astronomers as (KBO - Kuiper Belt Object), was originally described as a reddish object a bit smaller than Pluto. Wow! It was like a gift to my 50th birthday. I tried to get more details on it, however, on server of Lowell Observatory was nothing about it, equally on NSF, and so on. Our new "Huge World" suddenly disappeared. Not from the sky, but from the official news, no seems to be interested!

For National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) to mention the discovery, it took a week after BBC presented Page with this text: 

Kuiper Belt Object Found Possibly As Large As Pluto's Moon 

Astronomers from Lowell Observatory, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Large Binocular Telescope Observatory have discovered an icy planetary body orbiting the Sun beyond Neptune in the Kuiper Belt roughly equal in size to Pluto’s moon Charon.

"This object is intrinsically the brightest Kuiper Belt Object found so far," says Lowell Observatory Director Robert Millis, leader of the survey team. "The exact diameter of 2001 KX76 depends on assumptions that astronomers make about how its brightness relates to its size. Traditional assumptions make it the biggest by a significant amount, while others make it larger by at least 5 percent." 

Assuming a reflectivity (or albedo) of 4 percent, 2001 KX76 would have a diameter of approximately 1,270 kilometers (788 miles), bigger than Ceres, the largest known asteroid. For comparison, Pluto’s moon Charon has an estimated diameter of 1,200 kilometers (744 miles).

Earlier this year, a Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) called "2000 Varuna" was announced with an estimated diameter of 900 kilometers, based on a calculated reflectivity of 7 percent. Applying this albedo to 2001 KX76 gives it a diameter of roughly 960 kilometers (595 miles). 

2001 KX76 was discovered in the course of the Deep Ecliptic Survey, a NASA-funded search for KBOs being conducted by the Lowell-MIT-LBT team using the National Science Foundation’s telescopes at Kitt Peak National Observatory near Tucson, AZ, and Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile. The team spotted 2001 KX76 in deep digital images of the southern sky taken with the 4-meter Blanco Telescope at Cerro Tololo on May 22 by James L. Elliot of MIT and Lawrence H. Wasserman of Lowell Observatory.

2001 KX76 is currently at a distance of just over 6.4 billion kilometers (4 billion miles) from the Sun. Its orbit is inclined by approximately 20 degrees with respect to the orbital plane of the major planets, but the detailed shape of its orbit remains uncertain. Available evidence suggests that the newly discovered KBO may be in an orbital resonance with Neptune, orbiting the Sun three times for each time that Neptune completes four orbits.

The brightness and colors of 2001 KX76 have been measured by Elliot, Susan Kern, and David Osip, all of MIT, with the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Magellan Instant Camera (MagIC) on the 6.5-meter Magellan Telescope at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile. The object has a distinctly reddish color typical of many primitive bodies in the outer Solar System.

"2001 KX76 is so exciting because it demonstrates that significant bodies remain to be discovered in the Kuiper Belt," Millis explains. "We have every reason to believe that objects ranging up to planets as large or larger than Pluto are out there waiting to be found. Until the Kuiper Belt has been thoroughly explored, we cannot pretend to know the extent or the content of the Solar System."

The existence of the Kuiper Belt was postulated by J. A. Fernandez and by M. Duncan, T. Quinn, and S. Tremaine in the 1980s to explain the origin of short-period comets. These comets move around the Sun in the same direction as the planets, and are found in orbits that are tipped only modestly with respect to the ecliptic plane. These researchers showed that short-period comets could not have originated from the more distant spherical Oort Comet Cloud as originally believed. They predicted that a second, more flattened reservoir of "proto-comets" must lie beyond the orbit of Neptune.

The first Kuiper Belt Object was found in 1992 by David Jewitt and Jane Luu of the University of Hawaii. Since then, astronomers have found over 400 KBOs, but tens of thousands likely remain to be discovered. These objects are believed to be remnants from the formation of the Solar System, and consequently are among the most primitive and least-evolved objects available for study by planetary astronomers.

About one-quarter of the known KBOs have been found by the Deep Ecliptic Survey Team. Other members of the team are Marc Buie of Lowell and Mark Wagner of the Large Binocular Telescope Observatory on Mount Graham, AZ. The Deep Ecliptic Survey was recently awarded formal survey status at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO), assuring that this reconnaissance of the outer Solar System will continue for the next three years.

Much more precise measurement of KBO diameters will be possible with NASA's upcoming Space Infrared
Telescope Facility (SIRTF) mission, due for launch in 2002.

Kitt Peak and Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory are part of NOAO, which is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA), Inc., under a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation. The survey team’s research is supported by the NASA Planetary Astronomy Program through grants to Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, AZ, and MIT in Cambridge, MA.

[NOTE: Robert Millis, James Elliot, and Lawrence Wasserman can be reached at (928) 774-3358 or via e-mail at,, and]

For more information: 

Douglas Isbell
NOAO Public Information Officer
(520) 318-8214

Dolores Beasley
Public Affairs Officer NASA Headquarters

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NOAO is operated by the Association of Universities for Research
in Astronomy
(AURA), Inc. under cooperative agreement with 
the National Science Foundation.
Last updated 3 July, 2001.

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Well, it appears to me that this "new" KBO 2001 KX76 may be with a great possibility the same object what IRAS discovered back in 1983. At that time the discovered object was classified as a very distant "red dwarf" (red dwarfs are weak stars, somehow too cold to be stars and too heavy to be a planet. Due to their temperature, they emit weak red light in limited spectra; they have high density, strong gravitation, and their atmosphere appear like a foggy red veil). Back in 1983 was even some talk about "distant galaxy"…

There are other peculiarities related to KBO 2001 KX76. This "new" object was actually discovered April 4. 2001 at 03:06:45 UTC and described as "object emitting diffused light estimated at magnitude 11". Coordinates +/- 20" (that's about 0.006), RA a +/- 10" (0.003) Dec: RA 05° 09´ 09", Dec +16° 31´ 49"; RA 5.1525, Dec +16.5303

However, there is more to it...

The same object was discovered on February 07.2001 at 23:30"32 UTC by Neuchatel Observatory in Switzerland. Excited discoverers published the news immediately, but a week later recalled their discovery and denied its authenticity. Strangely, they reestablished authenticity of their discovery right AFTER the object was "discovered" again by astronomers in Chile AND Arizona. 
Why? Too much modesty in Neuchatel, or something else? 
However, over time the same few times discovered object was getting "smaller" and "smaller". In August, it was just a "biggest asteroid"… and its original reddish/brown color was changed to blue. For asteroids is mandatory to be unable to emit its own light; if some light is present, it must be cold and blue from reflecting Sun rays only. Well, I admit, I am puzzled by all the published changes regarding size, color etc. I suggest, that in respect to the changes of "2001KX76", we call the object
"Chameleon". It appears also that "chameleon" is not just the object itself, but anyone who is reporting about it. 

What is its real color? What is it, actually? 
There is also a theory about existence of our second Sun; dense red dwarf lost somewhere far beyond our Solar system. This dead Sun twin is presented on a diagram in New Science & Inventions Encyclopaedia in 1987. It may sound unusual, but in principle, most stars we know have one or two twins; so where is our solar twin? In my book "Tunnel into Cosmos", I tried to reconstruct system of two suns, where Jupiter with its own planetary system took the role of second Sun. However, this concept may change rapidly by possible presence of other object, likely "red dwarf" with its own "heliosphere" and planetary system.
Perhaps, the Solar system we know now and consider "normal" is just in a temporary status quo of a large cycle depending on configuration between our Sun and (its?) possible (twin?) "Red dwarf", called herein "Chameleon". 

Dr Alexey N. Dmitriev notes that …

Current PlanetoPhysical alterations of the Earth are becoming irreversible. Strong evidence exists that these transformations are being caused by highly charged material and energetic non-uniformity's in anisotropic interstellar space which have broken into the interplanetary area of our Solar System. This "donation" of energy is producing hybrid processes and excited energy states in all planets, as well as the Sun.

We will list the recent large-scale events in the Solar System in order to fully understand, and comprehend, the PlanetoPhysical transformations taking place. This development of events, as it has become clear in the last few years, is being caused by material and energetic non-uniformity's in anisotropic interstellar space. In its travel through interstellar space, the Heliosphere travels in the direction of the Solar Apex in the Hercules Constellation. On its way it has met (1960's) non-homogeneities of matter and energy containing ions of Hydrogen, Helium, and Hydroxyl in addition to other elements and combinations. This kind of interstellar space dispersed plasma is presented by magnetized strip structures and striations. The Heliosphere [solar system] transition through this structure has led to an increase of the shock wave in front of the Solar System from 3 to 4 AU, to 40 AU, or more. This shock wave thickening has caused the formation of a collusive plasma in a parietal layer, which has led to a plasma overdraft around the Solar System, and then to its breakthrough into interplanetary domains. This breakthrough constitutes a kind of matter and energy donation made by interplanetary space to our Solar System.

Events cited in Dmitrijev´s text is possible to explain by evidently stronger presence (from 1960) of interwoven electromagnetic powers of two related heliosphers, that which ecliptic planes may cross even in obtuse angle. If, on the edges of Chameleon influence, are present bodies similar to Uran or Neptune, then is possible to explain origin and weird behavior of large objects in Kuiper belt. Simply, imagine that two huge tilted carousels are periodically coming for closer pass to each other. 
It would be just a matter of synchronization and density of objects in each carousel / heliosphere to manage the close pass either smoothly or catastrophically.
If this is the case, then the most distant planet of Chameleon is not circling our Sun, but its own Sun and into our Solar System is only temporarily "submerged". This most distant object of our second Sun would enter our Solar system in opposite direction, even if it were rotating around its own Sun the same way as our planets around our Sun. In my opinion, this "submerging" and "crossing" may be likely the real meaning of Sumerian word "nibiru". This "nibiru" was also perceived as a stranger and called "Intruder". The same "submerging" and "crossing", but on a much larger scale is now becoming observed when other universe temporarily enters our universe. 

This above described potentiality is not contradictory to Sumerian cosmogony, or to Biblical Genesis. In my view, here lays the magic of duality of Mayas renderings. The trunk of "Tree of Life" is the axis of ideal balance and the allegories on both sides symbolize two possible extremes. The same is valid for a human form being a part of the same system; either adapting or resisting changes in the surrounding environment. 

At the beginning of Dmitriev report is few very important thoughts: 

Therefore the current period of transformation is transient, and the transition of life's representatives to the future may take place only after a deep evaluation of what it will take to comply with these new Earthly biospheric conditions. Each living representative on Earth will be getting a thorough "examination," or "quality control inspection," to determine it's ability to comply with these new conditions. These evolutionary challenges always require effort, or endurance, be it individual organisms, species, or communities. Therefore, it is not only the climate that is becoming new, but we as human beings are experiencing a global change in the vital processes of living organisms, or life itself; which is yet another link in the total process. We cannot treat such things separately, or individually.

Emphasis of the above is again at the end of his report:

Our Planet Earth is now in the process of a dramatic transformation;by altering the electromagnetic skeleton through a shift of the geomagnetic field poles, and through compositional changes in the ozone, and hydrogen, saturation levels of its gas-plasma envelopes. These changes in the Earth's physical state are being accompanied by resultant climatic/atmospheric, and biospheric, adaptation processes. These processes are becoming more and more intense, and frequent, as evidenced by the real time increase in "non-periodic transient events"; ie., catastrophes. There are reasons favoring, or pointing to, the fact that a growth in the ethical, or spiritual quality, of humanity would decrease the number and intensity of complex catastrophes. It has become vitally important that a world chart be prepared setting forth the favorable, and the catastrophic, regions on Earth taking into account the quality of the geologic-geophysical environment, the variety and intensity of cosmic influences, and the real level of spiritual-ethical development of the people occupying those areas.

Here is a reasonable point - the development of humanity may either increase or decrease in direct relation to the number of catastrophes experienced. Important role in development of future civilization would depend not only on the number of survivors, but also on the ethical, intellectual and spiritual qualities of the survivors. If mostly poets survived, their civilization would be different than when if mostly criminals would be fathers of the new civilization. Perhaps, somebody knowledgeable could indicate on the World Map areas showing what parts of the globe are likely very dangerous and what less dangerous. In other words, with global coming catastrophe would be needed to relocate huge amounts of people into safe areas, perhaps on higher elevation. However, this idea of saving as much people as possible, is under recent geo-political situation inspired by Malthusian ideas, out of question. 

Eternal fight for Survival.
Now, just strictly hypothetically. Say, there are people who fully understood what I outlined herein, they know already well all the meanings of "heavenly signs". Perhaps, for this reason is applied ongoing manipulation and suppression of information, be it archeology, geology, astronomy, new inventions or discoveries, etc. There are very likely available just two possible outcomes from this situation, both highly secret. These days, our global population is already heavily stressed out, disillusioned, depressed, and already living in fear of its life. If we would be truthfully informed and knew "whatsgoingon", we would not able not to bear it without a horrendous global panic. So to keep us not knowing is actually not a bad move. It allows us to follow the production plans every day, to take a pill now or then, to get few beers before sleep, and be ready for another day to do the same.

Here are the two possible variants for "bad guys" and "good guys" outcomes:

A) "They" will keep all the information and advantages just for themselves and only for their benefits. With accumulated finances and suppressed, but advanced technology, they intend to survive possible catastrophes in some new Ark, likely above our planet. What happens with the rest of population on our planet is irrelevant for them.

B) "They" will keep all the information for themselves just in order to prevent wide spread panic. However, in the background, they will work hard to apply collectively and without suspicion all necessary provisions needed (what will baffle us as logically unexplainable activities) to benefit the whole humanity as much as possible. However, since we are humans, there is a real possibility that one of us (one nation) would manipulate proceeding such a way, to gain more benefits than the rest. 
In any of the above option, secrecy is paramount and explanation of applied actions will not be published. For some time, we may feel like living in a totalitarian system
. :-)

There is no doubt that the ancient left us a great amount of precise astronomical records and long stories about events following human development. With all this stuff, plus geological evidence it is possible to develop a table of cyclical catastrophes. The only one problem is correct dating. Similar table of gigantic cataclysm is list of "geological times", periods of global floods, volcanic activity and movements of tectonic plates. Dimensions of these events exceed human imagination. Periods between cataclysm have just "small" geological and climatic changes. It is true, that energy potential of the Earth itself is not enough to trigger even the smaller changes, so there must be influence from "outside"

Before somebody will object that this as impossible, he/she should humbly realize that humans are NOT the peak of cosmic creation, but only its random part the same way as a flower or some kind of fungus. The Universe does not work according to theories our science develops. What we know about it, are just poor fractions of the whole. More or less recently, our "sunscientists" were forced by the Universe to throw away long time cherished model of solar polarity, including tables for calculating length of certain periods, strength of solar activity and number of sunspots. According to science, this solar period we live in right now should not exist; the Sun is ignoring all the famous theories, and it does what it wants... That is just a brief comment to what is "possible" and what is "impossible". 

In respect to the strength of cataclysmic processes on the borders of "geological time", is possible to conclude, that if any higher forms of life were living at that time, they could barely survive. For this reason, these "times" are herein excluded; lets look only on the last cataclysm. This last one was evidently survived by a small group of humanoids, later transformed into recent humans with the help of "gods" (and don't come to me with Darwin…). 

All the informations we have available (including the unpublished), are exclusively from this last catastrophe. First evidence is scarce, completeness and density of historical records is increasing only around 3100BC. Here is reasonable to conclude that this date is important braking point predated very likely by some "small", but global catastrophe. This last catastrophe is traceable in original sources, it is also reflected as Flood in the Bible, with memories of the event present on all continents, and it is even recognized scientifically as a starting point of human civilization. In connection to this, I found work of British geneticist Bryan Sykes very interesting ["The Seven Daughters of Eve"]. 
Sykes work based on genetical imprinting concluded that all Europeans started from seven mothers. (On pages as "All of us are children of seven daughters of Eve). Unfortunately, this work is based only on British / European customers and there was no word about other continents. Anyway, even as a European sample, it shows clearly that the last catastrophe brought significant shortage in population

Suppose, they did not survive by "accident", but thanks to involvement of "gods" as indicated in the story of Ark. Logistic of the Ark is so complex that such a project could not be realized by anyone, except some powerful elite. It seems as natural that each elite group was also keeper of knowledge before the catastrophe. Since this destruction came clearly from the sky (astronomical reasons), this fact embedded deeply into the collective memories of survivors and was passed to descendants. However, historical experience of the last, relatively quiet 2000 years, demonstrates that humanity is forgetting very easily. Soon every new generation adapted to new conditions and except few individuals, no one cared to fully comprehend and evaluate immense value of "flood stories" passed down for generations. Many irreplaceable records were destroyed during wars in Egypt and Mesopotamia, and probably the most valuable archives perished forever during boundless, over 200 years lasting fury of illiterate hog stickers and fanatical Christian in South America. What is left now, are just broken crumbs distorted by views of collectors influenced by trends and conventions of their time. It is interesting, that every revivalist and religious group paid always the greatest attention to liquidate any sights and records of previous ages.

Indian work from collection of Father Crespi.

This does NOT represent human figure; the artist emphasized it by four fingers on legs and hands. It is like we would meet with South American version of Egyptian goddess of heaven Nut, holding in hands her children - two objects… On the right is Sun, on the left "dragon" Chameleon.
Similar symbolism we can find on Gate of the Sun in Peruvian Tihuanaco (picture on right).

It is a bit difficult to see in both works connections, since they are not representing what we call reality. It is representation of knowledge, which at the time of creation of the works existed, only as legend, myth, or epos from various tribes speaking in different languages and positioned at different steps of development and with different concepts to comprehend world around.

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For deep thoughts is recommended to compare similarity of lower part of Chilbolton image with lower part of "Weeping God" of Tihuanaco (right). Just coincidence...?

On the other picture, we see more or less the same. Expression is different, but contents are undoubtedly identical. Relief from Dendera (left) is showing symbolism used in semite-hamit cultural circle, so we encounter concepts for "columns and gates of heaven", familiar from Henoch's description of Heaven. These columns are in Nimrud Dag (right) substituted by massive legs of a lion ending with four strange looking paws showing four digits. On the lion's neck is sort of half-moon with a "star". With the same symbols all over the lion's body, it is difficult to discount the fact that the artist intent was to show heavenly bodies. The whole works shows "lion of heaven" and the symbols on its neck and body is introducing something important.

Egyptians rendered planets they knew as a barches, carrying particular gods. Here we see a huge planetary bark not with gods, but with one spherical object. Like on previous pictures, allegory here is showing prominent heavenly object travelling not just between the columns, but also exceeding them. No need to get confused by small faces on top of the columns, they are not traditional "heavenly cows".

The "Prime Language"


Presence of some ancient global civilization is confirmed also by finds of rock art, bearing similar symbols and language to some extent similar to proto hebrew. These primary expressions are present on Indian pictograms, wrongly considered for long time as symbols of sign language. There are many other similar objects. The catch is, that no one spent time to trace their contours to decipher them. Transcript is shown on picture at left.

Perhaps one of the most important evidence that legend of the Flood was known globally is in the following, highly sophisticated writing. Following generation of people living in China forgot this highly developed writing, and returned to more simple "pictures". However, some of the recent Chinese writing still carries reflections of the highly developed symbols of their predecessors. 

© gewo 10/16/2001, Translation by "Sunshine"

Part II.